Political parties demand GB assembly session.

GILGIT -- A protest was held outside the Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) Assembly building for not convening a session since the last six months.

Deputy speaker of the GB Assembly was also annoyed over the prolonged delay of the session and termed it 'against the spirit of democracy'.

The call for the protest was given by Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). A large number of activists were from other political parties gathered outside the GB assembly building in Jutial, Gilgit.

Member of the assembly Shahzad Agha said that the assembly has been closed since October last year. Members from opposition and treasury bench submitted requisitions many times to convene the assembly's session to debate important issues and legislation.

However, it was highlighted that the GB Assembly speaker Amjad Ali Zaidi was not willing to convene the session and the speaker had not sent a summary to convene the assembly session to the governor.

Through a letter last week, Mr Agha had demanded the speaker to convene an assembly session within the week to debate on important issues including the proposed land reforms act, electricity shortage and the wheat crisis.

Mr Agha said it was interesting that the people of GB elected local representatives to solve their issues but the government did not seem interested in settling many issues as they were not even bothered to carry out a debate about them.

He said instead of focusing on the locals' issues, the chief minister and his cabinet members are in Zaman Park, Lahore to protect Imran Khan.

He alleged that GB's resources are being utilised in Zaman Part Lahore for Imran Khan.

'It is injustice with the local people. The responsibility of elected representation is to protect rights of people not protection of Zaman Park,' he said.

He said it is my responsibility to convince them (GB...

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