Polarised, poisoned and problematic.

It is very disheartening to see the national discourse... for it is one-sided, lacks objectivity, deals with frivolous non-issues, and is dominated by a narrative sponsored by our very own political forces; and reinforced by all those happy to see a weaker Pakistan. In this destructive exercise, self-interest is cloaked as political interest, and both the government and the opposition have absolutely no regard to where Pakistan is headed.

In one's reckoning, the actual battle is for the civilian supremacy of the Armed Forces, and all political forces are absolutely happy to see the Armed Forces - especially the Army, particularly its senior leadership - drawn in and rubbed in for whatever reasons. If a stray Margalla tiger wanders off in DHA Rawalpindi, it is quickly dubbed as the pet of 'a general officer'...a royal hobby. And in this age of social media, any worthless individual, bored with his life and situation, can easily post a message maligning this or that officer or institution for reasons about which he or she would have absolutely no back-up data except accusations and hearsay. Sad that we are all sleepwalking into a self-made disaster and conspiracy, by our multiple nemesis. And very unfortunately some veterans are also complicit in this game.

First, civilian supremacy of the Military. It would remain a pipe dream 'without deliverance' by any government like it has been so far and would remain so. This battle would be won across Pakistan once the government of the day cleans up our dirty streets and provides basic necessities to the citizenry. And that is next to impossible in a political culture that is profit and privilege driven. In an environment of below average capability and capacity, demonstrated repeatedly by those elected by the people, Army is an easy punching bag in a culture of evading responsibility. And Army generally does not have the benefit of container politics, and a cadre for whom idol-worship is the raison-de-etre.

Second, veterans on jihad. Having played our innings including training the present lot of Army leadership and being responsible for it, some among the veterans stoop too low in their commentary using their new-found voices, which were never heard when they were in service, amassing benefits of exalted ranks and appointments. Suddenly, this cadre feels that the mother-institution is full of Janus-faced leaders with no love-lost for Pakistan and its interests; who are ready to compromise on...

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