PMA asks govt to save children in flood-hit areas.

KARACHI -- Expressing concern over the continued humanitarian crisis in flood-affected areas, more than four months after a national state of emergency was declared in the country, the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has called upon the provincial government to gear up efforts in the disaster-stricken areas where children's lives are now at a greater risk due to cold weather.

'We have been telling about how serious the situation is in the flood-hit areas over the months. Unfortunately, however, the government hasn't responded effectively to the emergency situation that now threatens countless lives particularly that of children.'

The recent reservations by Unicef's officials, he said, were a grim reminder of the worsening crisis in winter in the flood-hit areas, particularly in Sindh.

'The organisation has estimated that up to four million children are still living near contaminated and stagnant floodwaters while the number of children suffering from severe malnutrition in the flood-affected areas has doubled between July and December as compared to 2021.'

It estimated that nearly 10m girls and boys were still in need of immediate...

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