PM says Supreme Court's decision to release Imran 'nothing but an NRO'.

ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Shehbaz SharAif on Friday while disapproving the 'double standards of justice' being meted out to Pakistan TehAreek: e: Insaf chief Imran Khan in the corruption cases said the coaAlition would take every step to enAsure rule of law in the country.

Chairing the meeting of the federal cabinet, he said other political leaders in the country faced trials and tough handling, while Imran Khan was given a 'privileged treatment'.

'These are the double stanAdards of justice,' he said and exApressed astonishment over reAmarks of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court during yesterAday's hearing where he said that he was pleased to meet Imran Khan. He pointed out that thouAsands of cases by the general pubAlic were pending with the courts while some political figures were especially given the favour of bail on a priority basis.

The prime minister said the juAdiciary earlier also protected ImAran Khan in his corruption cases including the Bus Rapid Transit Project (BRT), Billion Tree TsuAnami tree plantation, and Malam to bring fascist rule in the counAtry for 10 years. The prime minAister said May 9, after the debaAcle of December 16, 1971, was a painful day in the country's hisAtory when Imran Khan's party unAleashed havoc by attacking naAtional and military installations. He recalled that despite tragedy of the assassination of Pakistan PeoAples Party leader Benazir Bhutto, his husband raised the slogan of 'Pakistan Khappay' meaning 'We want Pakistan' as a great gesture of nationalism. Also, nobody hit the military installations even afAter the 'judicial murder' of former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, he added.

Sharif recalled that at time of the death of their mother, he was in prison but passed the time with paAtience rather than inciting the pubAlic for riots. He said Imran Khan was the mastermind and planner behind the attacks on military inAstitutions. He termed it a disgrace to the martyred military personAnel who sacrificed their lives for the motherland. He said the counAtry was passing through a difficult time and the coalition government was making efforts to address the inherited challenges.

He lambasted the leadership of Pakistan Tehreek: e: Insaf to push the country toward the brink of a dangerous situation. He recalled that the PTI chief for months made false and shameless claims about his ouster from the rule through 'regime change' by the United States. Sharif said the coalition govAernment made...

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