PM's housing project to shelter poor class: PTI MNA.

KARACHI -- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA Nusrat Wahid said on Tuesday that Prime Minister's Shelter Home Project would be very helpful to provide shelter to homeless and poor people of Pakistan. 'The initiative taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan will be a matter of great significant for the poor class people of the country, specially the middle class. The prime minister is proceeding to upgrade the lives of the poor class of Pakistan,' she said in a statement.

The PTI MNA said the shelter and other projects would help a lot to all the poor people and the promises made by Imran Khan during the election campaign would be fulfilled. 'The present difficulties are temporary. The government will control the poverty and price hike of commodities. In order to improve the conditions and standard of lives of the people of Pakistan, all resources will...

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