PM pins hope on civil servants to steer country out of current challenges.

LAHORE -- Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday urged the civil servants to serve the country and nation with their utmost capacities and expressed the hope that they were capable of steering the country out of the current challenges.

Addressing the passing out ceremony of probationary officers of the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS), the prime minister reminded them that after assuming their basic responsibilities in practical life, they would be confronted with issues like unemployment, poverty, disease, lack of education and delayed response to public problems.

Appreciating the civil bureaucracy, the prime minister said that he personally knew a number of good officers who had strived to serve the country by shedding their sweat and blood. In a veiled reference to the previous government, the prime minister said baseless allegations were leveled against certain officers which caused embarrassment for their families.

He said due to such a situation, the civil bureaucrats, thought twice before taking any step in the performance of their duties which was a real stumbling block.

The prime minister stressed that it should be a collective agenda of them all and the political hierarchy to provide an enabling environment to the civil bureaucracy to serve the masses with dedication. If an amicable environment was provided to the civil servants, they could excel with their full potential, he added. He observed that in the world, there was not a difficulty that could be surmounted.

Referring to the performance of the bureaucracy, the prime minister cited that he had set a two-month target for the civil administration for the establishment of education facilities in one of the flood-affected areas of Balochistan and during his recent visit to the province, he admired them for establishing a smart school within the stipulated timeframe.

Terming them as 'Future of Pakistan', the prime minister expressed the optimism that they would perform with dedication and honesty as the nation had attached expectations to them.'Let's move to transform Pakistan into Quaid's and strive to turn it stronger. The people will remember you for your yeoman's service,' he said.

The ceremony was attended by Governor Punjab Balighur Rehman...

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