PM Imran seeks Trump's mediation on Kashmir issue Trump calls Imran 'his friend', says watching.


Devos -- Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again expressed his desire for mediation by the United States on the Kashmir issue between Pakistan and India.

'The Pakistan-India conflict is a very big issue for us in Pakistan and we expect the US to play its part in de-escalating the tensions, because no other country can,' he said at the start of his meeting with President Donald Trump on the sidelines of World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday.

This is the third meeting of the two leaders in less than a year amid reports that the US and Afghan Taliban are close to striking a peace deal after over yearlong painstaking process.

'I would say we've never been closer than we are right now,' Trump said at the start of meeting with PM Imran.

He said the two sides will discuss trade, but also the border issues, Kashmir, and India.

Prior to a private meeting between the two leaders, a media briefing took place 'in a highly cordial atmosphere'. Trump told the media the two would talk about the situation in Kashmir. He also called PM Imran 'his friend' and expressed his pleasure over meeting him once more.

'We're talking about Kashmir [...] if we can help, we certainly will be helping. We've been watching that and following it very, very closely,' said Trump.

The premier, in turn, said: 'Mr President, it is good to see you again. Yes, there are issues we want to talk about. The main issue is Afghanistan because it concerns the US and Pakistan.

'Fortunately we are on the same page. Both of us are interested in peace there and an orderly transition in Afghanistan with talks with Taliban and the government.'

He said it is always hoped the US will take part in resolving the issue, 'because no other country can'.

The US president avoided responding concretely to a question by a reporter whether he will 'also visit Pakistan' when he makes a trip to India, instead saying, 'Well, we are meeting right now. I wanted to say hello.'

Trump said that from a relationship standpoint, the US and Pakistan 'are getting along very well.' 'We have never been closer with Pakistan...

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