PM directs immediate arrest of elements involved in vandalism, arson attacks in Punjab.

LAHORE -- Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday directed the concerned authorities to immediately arrest all those elements who were involved in different abhorrent and unpardonable incidents of vandalism, attacks and arson of May 9, inflicting massive damages to public and private properties across Punjab province.

Addressing a meeting during his visit to Punjab Safe Cities Authority, the prime minister set a deadline of 72 hours for the law enforcement agencies to arrest all those people involved in setting on fire different buildings and infrastructure including the historic Jinnah (Corps Commander) House.

The prime minister said that the whole nation was in an utter state of grief over such painful incidents except Imran Niazi and his armed followers who had acted no less than the enemies of Pakistan as no Pakistani could ever think of such action or planning.

He said these people should be arrested and made to face the law in accordance with the relevant legal and constitutional provisions.

The prime minister also desired the enhancement of the number of anti-terrorism courts in the province where the legal proceedings against all these culprits should commence swiftly.

He further maintained that during a meeting in Islamabad the other day, he had already issued clear directives that all those people who were involved, planned, abetted and facilitated the terrible attacks across the country should be dealt with iron hand.

They would have to stand trials in the anti-terrorism courts and he had already instructed the law minister to increase the number of these courts, he added.

'It is time to do or die or now or never. The real culprits who showed this kind of enmity against the motherland should be arrested and produced in anti-terrorism courts under the relevant laws. These elements should be arrested immediately, without fear or favour,' he added.

The meeting was attended by Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab Syed Moshin Naqvi and other relevant officials.

The prime minister said on May 9, terrible incidents occurred in the history of Pakistan. The Corps Commander (Jinnah House) was completely destroyed which was a painful sight.

During the 75 years of the country's history, the enemy could not inflict such harm nor accomplish its evil dreams, but unfortunately, on May 9, under Imran Niazi's supervision, planning and instigation, his armed groups set Jinnah House on fire reducing it to ashes, besides harming the historic...

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