Pink Bus Service.

Pink bus service for women is set to be launched in Karachi from the February 1, as per the decision by the Provincial Minister for Transport, Sharjeel Memon. The plan for the service is two routes in Karachi as per two phases to facilitate working women. While the initiative is great, given the spiraling law and order situation in Karachi and the growing issue of women's mobility, it is important that it keeps its momentum in the long run as well.

This announcement of the Pink Bus comes after the Minister announced Pakistan's first electric bus service in Karachi as well. Apart from the gendered lens, the Sindh Mass Transit Authority has also reported these buses to be environmentally friendly as they are solar-powered. This is a great development as problems of CNG supply hampering public transport have already started emerging in K-P. Earlier this month, there was a sudden termination of CNG supplies that disrupted public transport from the twin cities to the province. In this economy, and with the climate emergency, this move to renewable energy resources is a great feat.

However, it bears mentioning that such women-only transport services have been spectacled before, only to...

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