Peshawar attack.

THE fact that terrorists belonging to the banned TTP are getting more audacious was illustrated by the late-night attack targeting the Sarband police station in the outskirts of Peshawar. A number of militants attacked the facility, located close to Khyber tribal district. Local police officers bravely put up resistance and, as reported, gave chase to the militants, but three personnel, including a DSP were martyred in the attack. Far too many law enforcers have laid down their lives in recent months while combating the TTP militants whose attacks are becoming more and more organised and lethal with time. The incident comes on the heels of the siege of the Bannu CTD centre last month, when TTP militants detained in the facility held law enforcers hostage, and SSG commandos had to be deployed to control the situation. The troubling reality is that the terrorists are delivering on their vow to target security personnel, and while earlier attacks focused on the outlying parts of the province, the militants are now finding the confidence to strike in the provincial capital itself.

The need of the hour is for different organs of the state to close ranks and neutralise the terrorist threat through unity. Sadly, political dissonance is affecting the fight against terrorism, and is unnecessarily putting...

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