A person can't change gender at will, rules FSC.

ISLAMABAD -- Declaring certain sections of the Transgender PerAsons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2018 against ShaAriah, the Federal Shariat Court (FSC) ruled on FriAday that a person could not change gender at will.

Acting FSC Chief Justice Dr Syed Muhammad Anwer and Justice Khadim Hussain announced the reserved verdict on a set of petitions challenging the law. The National Assembly had enacted the Transgender PerAsons (Protection of Right) Act in 2018 to provide legal recognition to transgender persons and ensure that discrimination against transgender persons in various walks of life shall be punishable.Hailed as a 'landmark' law that offered protection to a marginalised commuAnity, the legislation however has been embroiled in litigation scrutiny since its passage. During the hearAing on Frioday, the court declared Sections 2(f) (defiAnition of 'gender identity') and 2(n)(iii) (definition of 'Transgender Person') of the act to be against Shariah.

The FSC also...

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