People and the electoral process.

Globalisation has failed humanity! The era we are living in is such that minority political forces are squeezing the majority populations to their limits, in terms of the austerity they are imposing upon them, and in terms of fascist decision they are making in their place.

Those who thought that globalisation will spread welfare, equality and transparency have found that it has only spread the webs of power and control, deep inside every state, every household.

Democracy - which came with the appeal of ridding the human civilisation of despotic, dictatorial kingship, that brought the hope that eventually now the 'people' will have the power and the whole system will work for the interests and welfare of the people - has been a hoax. What has really happened is that the minority, rich elites with vested interests have somehow made the majority poor to believe that they are their true saviors.

The power that comes from the ballot is abducted by this elite, by all means - persuasion, bribe or rigging. Huge slogans are erected, narratives are built, processions are made one after another to lure the public into thinking that now, eventually, they are looking at their long-sought saviour. And time and again, the betrayed, the exploited, the exhausted voter finds itself in a choice between several evils - compelled to make one of these evils its entrusted saviour.

For even if it distances itself from the process, 'the electoral process', one of those evils will come to power, and will come back to impose his/her will upon them, because they, the people, have given him/her the power to rule over them. And now, they have the mandate to inflict the people with all sorts of bad decisions, and all sorts of extortions.

This majority, that came out to express its will and power, at the ballot box, on the election day, has been rendered silent for the rest of the five years! Once it has slipped his/her vote into the ballot box, it has no way to question whatever decisions will be made on its behalf in the next five years.

The majority has been rendered silent, and the two mechanisms, of media and politics, are now being used to constantly keep them framed. Both these mechanisms are unilateral, they impose their points of view upon the people and there is no mechanism for the people to impose their point of view upon them.

Though the internet has brought several platforms for the people to express their point of view, all these avenues prove to be...

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