'People advised to adopt special dengue preventive measures'.

SARGODHA -- Pakistan Medical Association(PMA) Sargodha, President Dr Sikandar Warraich on Sunday advised the citizens to take special preventive measures to protect themselves from dengue virus. Talking to the media in his office, he said, in the wake of surging dengue cases, citizens should properly dispose of solid waste and stop water storage practices at their residences to prevent any access to egg-laying female mosquitoes. Dr Sikandar Warraich said that mosquitoes breed primarily in containers like earthenware jars, metal drums, and concrete cisterns used for domestic water storage, as well as discarded plastic food containers, used automobile tyres, and other items that collect rainwater. He further said that dengue was a mosquito-borne infection, which in recent years had become a major public health concern. He said dengue fever was a severe, flu-like illness that affects infants, young children, and adults alike. The rapid growth of urban population was bringing ever greater number of people into contact with this vector, especially in areas that were favorable for mosquito breeding like in areas, where household water storage was common and solid waste disposal services were...

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