PAYF webinar discusses future of peace in Afghanistan as shared destiny of Pak-Afghan relations.

ISLAMABAD -- Pak-Afghan Youth Forum (PAYF) organised a webinar focusing on the future of relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan, a necessary discussion which needs to be conducted particularly in the light of US President Joe Biden's announcement to withdraw forces from Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

With peace on the horizon in Afghanistan and the imminent withdrawal of forces, there is much speculation going around on what the future of Afghanistan looks like, and more specifically, what is the role that Pakistan can play to ensure the return of stable and lasting peace in Afghanistan? To answer these questions, PAYF's webinar offered a platform to a diverse panel of policymakers, academia and analysts from both Pakistan and Afghanistan. Salman Javed, DG PAYF in his welcome address mentioned about the much needed discourse on the phases of peace process and future of peace in Afghanistan. In his opening remarks and special keynote address by H.E. Ambassador Najibullah Alikhil, the current Afghan ambassador to Pakistan said that as we are all set to create history with peace on the horizon, its indeed the need to find different ways, channels to exploit all possible areas of peace in Afghanistan and further enhancing bilateral relations between the two brotherly neighbours. To improve trade and P2P (people-to-people) contact, Afghan ambassador announced that Pakistani citizens will now be able to avail multiple-entry visas, with a duration of up to one year. Afghan Member of Parliament, and Member of Negotiation team, Fawzia Koofi, also presented a special address and highlighted role of women and stressed upon women empowerment for Afghan prosperity. She praised PAYF efforts for organising a timely discussion and providing a platform for young Afghans and Pakistanis to come together...

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