Past in Perspective.


Qawwali is one of the many genres of sub-continental music. The roots of Qawwali are traced back to thirteen century. And the art of Qawwali is credited to Ameer Khusraw (1244-1325). Today, Qawwali is one of the most listened to genre of music. But what makes Qawwali so appealing? Normally, Qawwali stimulates religious devotion and a sense of spiritual closeness to God. However, the content of Qawwali not necessarily is limited to this. Many qawwalis also praise religious teachers and saints. For instance, Khusraw's copious output is attributed to his spitritual love for his sufi mentor Nizam ad-Din Awliya.

Though the lyrics of Qawwali were largely based on the works of Sufi saints of the past, Amir Khusrau's...

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