Parvez Elahi arrested by anti: corruption agents in Lahore.

LAHORE -- Following multiple abortive attempts to arrest former Punjab chief minister PunAjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi, the anti: corruption and poAlice Thursday finally manAaged to arrest the absconder in corruption cases.

The police had raidAed Elahi's residence mulAtiple times before in order to secure his arrest but the PTI president managed to evade arrest every time unAtil Thursday. Parvez Elahi was arrested by law enforcAers from the vicinity of his Zahoor Elahi Road residence in Lahore here Thursday evening. He will be presented before the juAdicial magistrate today (Friday). According to the details, Ch Parvez Elahi was traveling in his vehicle when the police stopped the car and arrested him. A video clip made viAral on the social media showed Mr Elahi being whisked away by the anti: corruption officials and poAlice Parvez Elahi has been arrested...

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