Parties should opt for 'parliamentary process': SC.

ISLAMABAD -- A Supreme Court bench seized with petitions against changes to the National Accountability Ordinance (NAO) on Tuesday suggested that political parties, particularly the PTI, should consider adopting parliamentary means to amend the NAB law, instead of pursuing the matter before the apex court.

The observation came against the backdrop of media reports that PTI, led by former prime minister Imran Khan, was considering returning to the National Assembly. It may be recalled that PTI lawmakers had quit the lower house of parliament following the ouster of Mr Khan in April last year.

During the hearing, Justice Ijazul Ahsan observed, 'Will it not be appropriate if a bi-partisan approach is taken to support the accountability process by realising its significance, and after suggesting amendments the law is adopted with consensus.'

Counsel Makhdoom Ali Khan, who is representing the government, responded he had no specific instructions but if PTI returns to parliament, it could move a bill for changes to the accountability law. If they move the bill, what option the government will have but to participate in the debate, the counsel added.

The counsel assured that he would seek specific instructions in this regard.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah added that if there is a remedy available in parliament, then why not move towards adopting the parliamentary process. When the same question was put to Khawaja Haris, representing Imran Khan, he contended that it was a political question. According to Mr Haris, it was always difficult to reach a definite decision when the political situation was volatile.

If the retrospective aspect is addressed then 90 per cent of the case at hand will go away and the court would not need to interpret the NAO amendments, the CJP said, adding that he had suggested half a dozen times that the petitioner - PTI - return to parliament.

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