Parliament 'stands by armed forces'.

ISLAMABAD -- Putting its weight behind the country's armed forces, the National Assembly through a unanimously passed resolution on Thursday expressed its 'complete solidarity' with the army in the wake of ongoing 'slanderous campaign' against it by the formerly ruling PTI and urged the government and the state to take action and make this 'group of misguided people' an example.

'This house expresses its resolve that the state and the government should use all its power to bring the misguided group running a campaign under a plan or by unintentionally becoming an agent of Jews against the defenders of the homeland and Pakistan to the right path,' said the resolution read out by PTI dissident Ahmed Hussain Deharr.

'The honour and prestige of Pakistan is a red line for the nation. It is the need of the hour that those elements crossing their limits and becoming a tool in the hands of enemies of the state should be made an example [for others] which is in the best interest of the nation and Pakistan,' said the resolution, without mentioning the PTI.

Paying tributes to the army personnel for sacrificing their lives in the defence of the country's ideological and geographical borders, the lawmakers 'condemned in the strongest words' the ongoing campaign against the armed forces, terming it an 'extremely negative, inappropriate, immoral, illegal and baseless campaign'.

Resolution read out by PTI dissident asks state to make example out of 'group of misguided people'

Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf allowed Mr Deharr to present the out-of-agenda resolution after suspending the rules soon after the question hour after deferring the 18-point legislative business due to the absence of the ministers and completely ignoring the other 14 points on the agenda.

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