Pakistani Pilgrims' cooperative spirit earns praise during hotel stay.

ISLAMABAD -- Mahmoud Ibrahim Haikal, Deputy General Manager of Hotel One Inn, Madinah on Sunday commended the Pakistani pilgrims for their remarkable level of cooperation during their stay at the hotel. In an interview, Mehmood I Haikal lauded the Pakistani pilgrims for their seamless interactions during their eight-day stay at the hotel.

The hotel management encountered no issues in dealing with them and found them to be consistently friendly and amicable. Haikal conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to the Pakistan Hajj Mission for their invaluable assistance and collaborative efforts. Meanwhile, during a visit to Smart Pots, a catering service provider for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims, Khalid Salman, the CEO of the company, expressed his profound pride in offering catering services to Pakistani pilgrims. 'Our utmost dedication lies in providing the best possible service to our valued Pakistani pilgrims. We meticulously handpick top-notch chefs from renowned five-star hotels and ensure the selection of high-quality ingredients to...

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