Pakistani attitudes.

One obstacle that is hindering Pakistani people today from making progress is their lack of passion and deterministic attitudes. It's as if they have accepted that it's their ultimate fate to stay poor, hapless, and miserable. Pakistan is jumping from one crisis to another. Most of these are man-made but many regard these as if they are the making of physical laws. Ginormous floods hit Pakistan in 2010 too. If then the governing elites had paid heed to building resilience, the Pakistanis would not have to face the level of destructions it had to in the aftermath of 2022 flood.

Deterministic attitudes make people lethargic. Most Pakistani people became lethargic and passionless. They don't challenge the status quo which is obstructing their social mobility. People at top of social ladder are presenting IMF Programme as remedy to poor's problem. But it became clear from past experiences that IMF solutions will only benefit the rich few. IMF and other foreign organisations are instruments of neo colonists who want to perpetuate their interest and keep their hegemonic position intact. Rich few in southern countries are their accomplices in this unethical exercise...

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