Pakistan urges strengthening of developing countries' media to fight misinformation.

Pakistan has underscored the need for building capacities and technological resourcefulness of the media in the developing countries to combat fake news, saying factual information was the "greatest need" of the people.

"The rapid pace of advances in new technologies, particularly in digital technologies, are having a major impact on the world, affecting all our work on human progress, sustainable development and international peace and security," Ambassador Aamir Khan, deputy permanent representative of Pakistan, said during a discussion at the UN.

Khan made his remarks at an informal briefing by the UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, Melissa Flemming, to member states of the Committee on Information (COI) on the activities of the Department of Global Communications, particularly in the context of establishing and international code of conduct and the issues of integrity on digital platforms.

In this regard, he expressed his concern over the challenges of disinformation, including Islamophobia...

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