Pakistan's foreign missions face closure over financial shortage.

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan's 120 embassies, high commissioners, and consulates around the world are on the verge of closing due to a lack of foreign currency funds from the foreign ofAfice in Islamabad.

According to credible sources, the Ministry of foreign affairs has inAformed Pakistan's embassies worldAwide that, due to a severe financial shortage, it will be unable to pay all additional bonuses and allowances to staff and diplomats.

The finance ministry authorisAes each month, based on a written summary from the foreign office, the salaries and expenses of PakiAstani embassies overseas, which are then approved by the state bank of Pakistan along with the release of US dollars. The Ministry of Finance has paused the process due to a lack of US dollars.

The situation at the Pakistani emAbassy in the capital of the United States, Washington, is more dire, as all additional allowances issued to personnel and diplomats have been seized immediately due to a lack of cash. In all official events held in the embassy, lunch, supper, and high tea would not be offered thereafter.

The embassy has been instructed not to hold any events in hotels; inAstead, events should be held at the embassy's hall.

The official gasoline allowance of staff and diplomats has been imAmediately revoked, and unnecesAsary travel outside of Washington has been limited. Similar limitations have been placed on Pakistan's dipAlomatic posts in the United KingAdom, Canada...

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