Pakistan's Economic Crisis And Early Elections.

Same repetitive cycle of taking loans and spending them on non-developmental projects, rampant corruption, inefficiency of govt functionaries and inapt leadership led to national crises

Ousting of Imran Khan from government was grounded on one reason only: INFLATION.

It seemed that the alternatives of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had prodigious plans to cope with continuous hike in prices and services. The enthusiasm with which Pakistan Democratic

Movement (PDM) rallied across Pakistan implied that the leaders of PDM would immediately bring ease in common man's life after coming into power. 'Mehengayi Mukao March' was designed to highlight the incompetence of Khan's government while Miftah Ismail, the current finance minister of Pakistan, confidently claimed that the solution to Pakistan's problems was nothing but the competent management. According to him, PMLN would significantly lower the prices of petroleum products if given power.

However, now that PDM is in power, it is revealed that no actual plan or policy was premeditated. 'Mehengayi Mukao' was mere a rhetoric to appease masses to gain influence. As per one of the PMLN leaders, it was PMLN's wish to enjoy power and authority even if it lasts for 1.5 years only. Apparently, this wish was the main factor which played significant role in rallying against the previous government. The wishes, nevertheless, do not translate into practical schemes. The result is that the current government failed to sustain the petrol and diesel prices and in fact, increased them to an unprecedented value.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif along with his team headed to IMF as soon as they assumed power. The finance minister left no stone unturned to get loan from IMF, while

PM flew to the states of KSA and Turkey with a cohort of officers in the hope of aid and assistance. To the surprise of many, none of our international friends came to rescue us. The trips, on the other hand, drained the already shrinking national exchequer. It also brought great embarrassment in the form of annoyance and distrust on the present government by regional players.

The fact that despite being in power for decades, both Pakistan People's Party and Pakistan

Muslim League (N) could not take any single pivotal step to save country's crumbling economy.

Much needed reforms that require visionary measures and long-term sustainable policies, are need of the time like the ones, taken by previous government which will hopefully bring


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