Pakistan restores internet service after three: day shutdown.

KARACHI -- The Pakistan TeleAcommunication AuAthority (PTA) Friday announced that that mobile broadband serAvice was being restored across Pakistan after a three: day closure.

PTA spokesperson Malahat Obaid conAfirmed the developAment saying that the service would be reAstored in a staggered manner. Meanwhile, the PTA said in its stateAment that access to soAcial media platforms Facebook, Twitter and YouTube was also being restored in the country The regulatory authoriAty had suspended mobile broadband and restricted access to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube on the interiAor ministry's instructions in the wake of violent proAtests sparked by PTI ChairAman Imran Khan's arrest on Tuesday. The inability to access platforms like FaceAbook, Twitter, Instagram, and others had a signifiAcant impact on mobile comApanies and the freelancing industry within the counAtry. The social media ban had prompted concern from several countries including the United States, who exApressed their anxiety over the situation.

The suspenAsion of mobile broadband services caused significant...

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