Pakistan rejects int'l media reports about 'mistreatment of May 9 culprits'.

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan on Friday rejected the international media reports about human rights violations with regard to the arrests of miscreants involved in the May 9 violence, wherein military installations including Jinnah House in Lahore came under attack, media reported.

In a statement, Federal Minister for Human Rights Riaz Hussain Pirzada said that like every civilized country in the world, action against the May 9 culprits was a legal requirement and also a matter of national security for Pakistan.

He said that on May 9, the 'PTI [Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf] goons attacked national and private properties, sensitive military installations and state symbols; set ambulances on fire after unloading patients, and burnt schools, hospitals and memorials of the martyrs'.

'For the desecration of the monuments and burning of the Jinnah House, and Radio Pakistan and its rare historical heritage, these goons are under...

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