Pakistan Property Show 2019: highlighting the local real estate sector in U.A.E.


We all know about the role overseas Pakistanis play in Pakistan's economy, particularly in the real estate sector. A large chunk of the foreign exchange we receive comes from remittances, making expatriates valuable contributors to our economic development. A majority of these people dream of owning a home in their country of origin, and are always on the lookout for reliable projects to invest in.

The Gulf countries are the biggest source of this inflow of money, but overseas Pakistanis often hesitate to invest back home because of the trust factor. has been cognizant of this fact since its very inception, and has bridged the trust deficit between expatriates and the local real estate market quite well over the past years. Millions of overseas Pakistanis use the online property portal to explore their property options, and use it as a reliable resource.

The company, however, is not only an online portal, but is also the pioneer of large-scale property events all over Pakistan, and in Dubai. These events gather the best of Pakistan's property market under one roof, and let thousands of visitors explore the best options from among them. Whether someone is a regular investor or a complete rookie, these events cater to all.

This year, held the third edition of its Pakistan Property Show (PPS) Dubai on the 6th and 7th of December at Dubai World Trade Centre. This event, which started back in 2017 as an annual show, has made a profound impression on the overseas Pakistani community. The previous two chapters were quite successful, with expatriates from all over the U.A.E exploring the best property options in Pakistan.

This year, the company brought 64 exhibitors to Dubai, giving overseas Pakistanis the best platform to communicate with top-notch developers like Eighteen and Capital Smart City face-to-face. Such interactions cleared the doubts of many people who were thinking of investing in property back home, but had certain reservations in mind. Therefore, this show was an excellent way to improve the reputation of the industry in the global community, particularly with the diaspora.

This time,'s credibility was cemented further by the...

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