Pakistan on its way towards development, progress: President Alvi.

KARACHI -- Pakistan is fast on its way to emerge as an economic hub in the region, said President Arif Alvi in a meeting with the members of Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) here on Monday.

Efforts to transform the country from geo-strategic to geo-economic hub through optimum promotion of the country's potential, in terms of available resources, on sound lines were cited as factors to catapult the country and its people towards a bright future.

According to a PID press release President Alvi in this context also referred to the ease of doing business

concept adopted by the government and its clear approach towards empowerment of youth through training on modern lines and in accordance to present day needs.

President of Pakistan was said to had also acknowledged contribution of OICCI and cited its focus on

human resource investment , care towards protection of ecology and efficient conservation of nature along with adequate attention towards realization of its corporate social responsibilities to be highly commendable.

He emphasized that these ought to be replicated by all local and foreign investors.

The President further underscored need to facilitate women of the country, comprising a significant

proportion of population to emerge as a...

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