Pakistan has lost 11m workers to overseas employers since 1971.


ISLAMABAD -- More than 11 million Pakistanis have left Pakistan since 1971 to pursue employment opportunities elsewhere, according to emigration statisticsreleased by the Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment. The report reveals that 11,052,663 workers registered for overseas employment with the bureau between 1971 and November 2019. Of the 11m that left Pakistan, 4.2m were labourers, the report said. The category dominates figures for 2019 as well, with 217,499 labourersleaving the country till November. Behind labourers is the category of 'drivers', which accounts for 1.3m leaving the country since 1971, while the 2019 figure alone stands at 161,226 The profession of photographerssaw the least amount of brain drain, with only 1,949 leaving for greener pastures over the last five decades. Of the 11m manpower exports, 4.7m has been categorised as 'skilled' and 4.6m as 'unskilled'. Around 220,000...

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