Pakistan Losing Gravity.

Never mind if the seats were regained or the opponents took the by-elections for granted or the supportive hidden hands of politics couldn't succeed in re-employing the time-tested tools of rigging. Never mind if a fictional narrative unexpectedly proved a real-time winner or the people of Pakistan finally witnessed an apparently free and fair by-election for the very first time in history. Doesn't matter if he won it or they lost it. Hardly matters if the local administration played on both sides of the fence or if the crowds attending political rallies actually went to the polls. The fact remains. By all standards, it was a stunning victory. So much so that even those who never thought the country could ever see an election result directly proportionate to popular will, were taken aback. Meanwhile, the devil remained in the details.

But then the game on the political chessboard took a familiar turn. Against all odds and numbers, the ruling coalition in Punjab surprised even itself by grabbing the coveted post of Chief Minister albeit for a short period of time. The opposing coalition lost the election even after bagging 186 votes against 179. Again, the already perplexed nation was found wondering about the straws of 'truth' in the haystack of facts. Once again, a 'letter' did the trick forcing the Supreme Court to open office at midnight to entertain the losing coalition's challenge against yet another 'violation' of the Constitution. Again, the tables were turned by the Apex Court, leaving behind a million-dollar question: how long would the country's Courts perform duties of the shockingly dormant legislature or totally oblivious executives?

Rest assured that in the event of losing any powers or an election, the losing party would be seen approaching either the High Court or the Supreme Court. From here, begins the list of the latest trends in Pakistani politics. Here are a few points for those who still believe that democracy prevails in Pakistan:

-Come to power in haste and at all costs. All other considerations could wait on the backburner.

-Coming to power is not a matter of discussion. It is our inherent right.

-Besides giving rulings, the Courts also provide a time-table on implementation of the Order in letter and spirit.

-Rulings of the Courts must be in our favour. Otherwise, we will find 'other ways' to win.

-Re-counting of votes becomes necessary if we lose in any constituency. No questions asked if we win a seat where our...

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