Pakistan Is Here To Stay.

The young man looked a bit angry. Perhaps, he was running short of arguments.

He: Gone are the days when the youth believed in their elders out of respect. This is the age of technology. Information on all subjects are available on the internet. Opinions are formed and promoted through social media. Ironically, in Pakistan, it is being used as a tool for mud-slinging. Believe me. Pakistan is not a country to live in, Sir. No merit, no justice, no bread, no safety!

Me: What kind of logic is this? I assure you, son. If Pakistan did not become an independent country under the able leadership of our Quaid, we would still be treated as third-grade citizens by the Hindu majority.

He: You made me laugh, Sir. Tell me. Aren't we still being treated as third-grade citizens by the ruling elite?

Me: Wrong. Absolutely wrong. If there was no Pakistan, I would not have had the privilege to represent my country as an Ambassador. Might have been a Lower Division Clerk at best. And you? You would be working in some factory as a messenger. Ask the Muslims living in India how they are being treated by New Delhi? Showcasing a powerless Muslim President is nothing more than a facade. Secondly, tell me, if your mother fell sick, would you abandon her just because she got sick? Wouldn't you try finding some treatment?

He: There is no need to be emotional, Sir. Of course, I will look after my mother. But a country where sons are treated discriminately and some of the children themselves are actually the real reason for their mother's ailment, what do you do? To say that it is a collective failure doesn't absolve you from taking responsibility. What kind of inheritance have we been bequeathed?

Me: Who says it is a failure?

He: Remember, once you told me how to address a challenging predicament? Change it, leave it or accept it. I tried. I could neither change anything nor could I accept it. I am leaving. Can you imagine? The guy got another extension and again I could not get the job. Why do you think heaven would fall if you left the seat? After retirement, you should be relaxing, golfing or fishing somewhere. But no. You are indispensable. How do you think the deserving candidates like me would feel to see their future being highjacked by these pests? If the Government of the day wants them to carry forward its agenda, why can't they say no? Retirement means you go home, rest, reflect, and write memoirs for future generations. In any case, who is restricting them...

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