Pakistan can't succeed without energy sufficiency.


MASSIVE power failure, a worsening constant in decline of what could otherwise be a healthy socio-economic life line, again hit several major cities of provinces plunging into darkness around 80% of Pakistan including capital city Islamabad as authorities struggled to restore electricity supply in a country plagued by a crippling energy crisis. THAT meant neither light nor flight of progress upwards for socio-economics of Pakistan following a recent petrol scarcity crisis with ambulances scrambling for petrol, patients unable to reach hospitals, and those patients at home or operation theatres stuck with their life on the line blinking with whatever breaths and moments were left for a miserable living. HOPELESS 180-million people defeated by doing and undoing of their own elected leaders of broken promises, dashed national hopes, and a dark future, kept with up with their one unfailing constant: regrets after each elections over leadership corruption since past 6. 5 decades. It seems quite immature to express trust, confidence or hopes for a better living against their unrealistic dreams, though people's expectations may be limitless if leaders acted on a fraction of their claims and used national human and natural resources properly.

CHAOS with surprises reigned as nature of fault was not known exactly behind the fourth major breakdown of the system within the past one month, initially blamed on technical faults, rebel attacks and other various reasons, all falling within mismanagement and inefficiency. Lawlessness needed to be controlled in Balochistan province, but it was not done up to now, as buses and pilgrims are blown up every now and then: Transmission lines in Balochistan's Nasirabad district were blown up by a bomb which caused the electricity crises. It's government's version. Pakistan's industrial hub Karachi's more than 70 per cent area went dark which this country earning most revenue from it can hardly afford, as industrial terrorism of K-Electric and terrorism of misled fanatics who killed human beings on daily basis, went hand in hand, since more than a decade, with people wondering about what's wrong with anti-terror...

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