Pakistan ask 'unreasonable' ITF to suggest neutral venue.


LAHORE -- The Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) has served a fresh lob in the unceasing Davis Cup saga involving India, writing to the International Tennis Federation and asking them to suggest a neutral venue for the Asia/Oceania Group 1 tie, scheduled for November 29 and 30. On Monday, the ITF had made a decision to shift the India-Pakistan matches out of Islamabad and handed the Pakistan federation five working days to propose a neutral venue. ESPN understands that in its email communication to the PTF, the ITF had directed the national federation to not only come up with a neutral venue but has also made it clear that given the fragile relations between the two countries, it will consider the security risk of a chosen venue at a notch higher than its existing listing. The latter stipulation is believed to have left the PTF confounded. "It is unreasonable and unfair," a source privy to the developments told ESPN. "If the ITF plans, for instance, to treat a medium-risk country as a high-risk one and so forth, how are we going to pick a suitable venue?

As a means of protest the PTF has written to ITF asking the international...

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