Pakistan and Iran Relations,Inoutgoing year 2019 major developments.


PAKISTAN and Iran have very strong historical relations. The bilateral relations between the two countries are anchored with very strong foundations, being immediate neighbours. Both the states have deep religious, ethnic, cultural and linguistic bonds. In the recent past, there are some major developments in Pakistan-Iran relations.Pakistan enjoys good relations with Iran since the partition of sub-continent. Both the countries have successful agreements regarding the different socioeconomic fields. Relations between Iran and Pakistan have spanned since the common prehistoric Indo-Iranian heritage.

The Western region of Pakistan was one part of the easternmost satrap's provinces of Persian Empire which included the areas of Satraps provinces of present-day Pakistan. Even as of today, many antique and historic buildings in Pakistan have classical Persian writings on manuscript of the buildings. After the establishment of Pakistan on August 1947 ,Iran has a unique distinction of being the first country to internationally recognize the status of Pakistan.Allama Iqbal was a great poet and his motto was to unite Muslim Ummah and preserve rich Islamic culture. He, through his revolutionary poetry spread the massage of great Islamic norms and conveyed that if united Muslims can rule the world. The role of Allama Muhammad Iqbal Lahori is so rich and valuable that all those who are reviving the rich Islamic culture and civilization, The affection and attachment of the Iranians towards the great philosopher and religious reformer multiplies when he narrates his deep ideology in Persian language and finds the 'Articulation in Dari' 'Even sweeter'.

The teachings of this rare thinker are still the guidelines of the journey towards the 'Unity of the Muslim World'. In the light of such teachings, the fragmentation and sectarianism could be replaced with unity and passion and the process of evolution in the Islamic world might be started. The voice the preacher of Muslim unity still resounds in the ears of the true believers:IRNAhas complied following in very details The outgoing year 2019 proved very successful for Iran-Pakistan relations as both countries took major steps to further develop relations. Iran and Pakistan have been enjoying strong brotherly relations since the creation of Pakistan way back in 1947. Since then the two countries have always been supporting each other on world issues. January In January Pakistan's Ambassador to Tehran Riffat...

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