Pakhtun women pledge to struggle for their rights.


PESHAWAR -- An all women exclusive movement celebrated its first anniversary by arranging a colourful event of cultural music, art and poetry as well as debates on issues faced by Pakhtun women.

Waak (control) Tehreek is a movement of Pakhtun women. The members of the movement struggle to create awareness among Pakhtun women living in Pakistan and Afghanistan about their political, economic, social and legal rights.

'The movement promotes art and talents of women and female education besides challenging the customs that have deprived women of rights,' said Sana Ijaz, a rights activist, who is heading the movement.

The movement has around 40 active members including women political activists, former parliamentarians, poets, writers, teachers and students.

Wranga Luni, a member of the movement from Balochistan, said on the occasion that Pakhtun women like Malalai of Maiwand, Nazo Ana, Zarghona Ana Bakhnama Ana, Queen Surraya, Zojan Bibi, Alaf Jan Khattaka and Mumlikat Bibi and many others got less appreciation than men.

She said that Waak Tehreek would try to bring women together for their rights rather than pitching them against men. She added that it was just a movement to bring women together and play effective role as men in society.

Former parliamentarian Bushra Gohar said that women had to play their role in social and democratic institutions. She...

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