Pak-US Ties.

Ties between Islamabad and Washington have suffered of late, most notably during the PTI government following the Afghan withdrawal and the more recent Lettergate conspiracy. Since then, the foreign office led by Mr. Bilawal Bhutto has been working in overdrive to mend ties, and the results are beginning to manifest themselves with the two countries pursuing a broad agenda of cooperation, not just confined to the realm of security.

Recently, a meeting of the Pakistan-US Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) Ministerial Council was held where the two sides discussed key issues including enhancing exports of Pakistani mangoes and dates to the US, increasing market access for Pakistan's textiles, growing US investments in Pakistan's agriculture sector especially with regards to the development of hybrid, climate-resilient seeds and supporting Pakistan's IT and tech industry. It is extremely encouraging to see this broad-based agenda that covers sectors that are critical for the sustainable growth of the Pakistani economy. This is something that Islamabad was seeking with a key ally such as the US, and it is good to see this endeavour come to fruition.

Reports reveal that two sides are committed to having regular follow-up meetings this year to ensure that...

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