PAF holds partners firm responsible for all misdeeds.


ISLAMABAD -- The high-ups of Pakistan Air Force(PAF) have thrown the debris of Fazaia Housing Scheme's failure on their partners and handed over to them to National Accountability Bureau. First of all, some 15 years ago, PAF had registered some 430 kannals of lands having worth of Rs six billion in the name of the organization, but PAF did not pay even a penny for it and then left it at the mercy of its partners in development , a firm named Maxim, whose owner is Chaudhary Tanvir a businessman from Karachi and his son Bilal Tanvir . Now NAB has arrested the both father and son instead of taking all the responsible of the corruption into custody, who are facing the greed of some corrupt officers sitting in the one of the most prestigious department like Pakistan Air Force. The agreement was signed by PAF and Maxim ,

according to which both the partners were give equal status and a committee was set up comprising of three members from each party to run the financial and administrative matters of the project. It was also settled down that the committee would take each and every decision regarding the development of Fazaia Hosing Scheme. In the beginning, PAF spent Rs 100 billion on the project , whereas Maxim also incurred Rs 100 billion in addition to cost of 430 Kannals of land . Pakistan...

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