Over 81 pc wheat procured of set target in Minawali.


MIANWALI -- Food Department has procured 589600 sacks of wheat out of 727830 sacks from Mianwali district that was collectively over 81 percent of the total target.

Briefing to the ADRC Arjumand Zia during a meeting on Wednesday, Assistant Food Controller (DFC) Zahoor Akhtar said that Esa Khel procurement center had achieved the total 114.31 percent target, adding that the target was set to purchase 100,000 sacks whereas it had purchased 115,000 sacks of wheat.

DFC Swance procurement center remained on second number by achieving 100 percent target of 65000 sacks of wheat, Marri Indus center procured 71,000 sacks out of 80,000 sacks that was 87.44 percent of the...

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