Over 5.134 million tons of wheat procured.

ISLAMABAD -- Wheat procurement campaign across the grain producing areas in the country was in full swing as 74.42% procurement tasks set for current season has been completed.

Under wheat procurement campaign for crop season 2021-22 over 5.134 million tons of wheat so far procured as against the set target of 6.900 million tons in order to maintain strategic reserves of the country as well as keeping the demand and supply smooth in local markets, said Food Security Commissioner Dr Imtiaz Ali Gopang.

Talking to reporter here on Thursday, he said that Punjab Province has completed 83.53% of its procurement targets as it has procured about 3.341 million tons of grains as compared the set targets of 4 million tons.

Meanwhile, Sindh has completed 47.30% task by mid of current month and it procured 662,261 metric tons of wheat as against the set targets of 1.400 million tons, he added.

He said that wheat procurement figures from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were not received yet, where as Balochistan has procured 12,255 metric tons of wheat as it completed about 12% of its assigned task for current season.

The Food Security Commissioner further informed that Pakistan Agriculture Storage and Services Corporation has also procured about 1.119 million tons of grains from different areas as it established its procurement centers to facilitate the growers.

Dr Imtiaz said that local output of major cash crop of the country was estimated at 26.173 million tons as against...

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