Over 46 m mobile phones assembled in 11 months: EBD Chief.

ISLAMABAD -- Chairman, Engineering Development Board (EBD) Almas Hyder Sunday disclosed that a record number of 46 million smart and feature mobile phones were assembled in Pakistan in 11 month of current fiscal year.

He said during the period under review, 20 millions smart mobile phones were assembled of which 99 percent so far sold in markets while 26 million feature mobile phones were pieced together of which 97 percent were purchased, said a press release.

He said mobile phone parts valued $1.9b were imported to Pakistan by the assemblers.

He said a total of 31 local and foreign mobile phone companies were awarded licences of which 21 are operational while remaining are in process of setting up plants for production including Nokia.

Almas said only one foreign company imported 3.8 million feature phones during this period which is also now going to establish plant in Pakistan.

Almas Hyder said the best quality locally assembled smart and feature mobile phones equipped with ultra moder technology has restored the confidence of buyers in Pakistan which he added is much cheaper and most economical than foreign assembled mobiles.

He said the moments mobile phones are assembled and immediately absorbed in the market which speaks of good governance and...

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