Only 11 ministries yet to adopt e-office system.


ISLAMABAD -- Only 11 ministries and divisions of the federal government have yet to adopt the e-office system, but they are committed to its implementation by the end of next year subject to the release of funds by the finance ministry, the National Assembly Standing Committee on InforAmaAtion Technology and Telecommunications was told on Tuesday.

Officials of the National Information Technology Board (NITB) informed the committee that e-office systems had so far been implemented in 31 ministries, including 48 departments, out of a total of 42 ministries and that implementation was pending in the remaining 11 ministries.

The NITB, a department of the Ministry of InfoArmation Technology and TelecomAmuniAcaAtions, is mandated to undertake e-government initiatives at federal ministries, divisions and departments, including an e-office system which helps set-ups shift from manual to a paperless electronic system. The e-filing system in the e-office programme enables the electronic movement and tracking of files and the archival and retrieval of data.

The committee was informed that the delay in implementation of e-office systems in the remaining ministries was due to unavailability of required infrastructure in several ministries and departments, as many of their offices were situated in rented and temporary accommodations.

The procurement of required infrastructure was in the process and would be completed from budgetary allocations in the next fiscal year and subject to the release of funds by the finance ministry, the committee members were told.

The committee members expressed concern over the e-office programme's delay due to non-issuance of funds by the finance ministry and it was decided that the committee would write to the finance ministry against the stoppage of e-office funds.

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The committee members also raised a query over international social media platforms not responding to the requests made by Pakistan.


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