Old machines making LWMC operations difficult.

LAHORE -- As several parts of Lahore continue facing sanitation issues, the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) says it has lifted 20,000 tonnes of waste from streets.

LWMC MD Imran Sultan, however, says the company has lifted more than 20,000 tons of solid waste from the city.

'We are trying hard to make this zero-waste operation successful by timely lifting of waste,' he said in a press release.According to an official source, the LWMC was working with old machines taken over from two Turkish contractors.

'The machinery is outlived and cannot perform well as it did in the past. Moreover, the company is facing hurdle in getting machinery on rent for the use of emergency purpose to clear such a huge backlog,' he told Dawn.

The two Turkish companies whose contract expired on Dec 31, 2020, condemned registration of an FIR against a Turkish company engaged in the metro bus operations.

'Shahbaz Gill's FIR is another example of the continued witch hunt of the...

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