Official report gauges police response to Jinnah House attack comes to surface.

LAHORE -- An official report prepared to gauge the police response specifically to the arson attack on Jinnah House Lahore on May 9 has come to surface detailing the mob's gradual march towards cantonment arAeas and the clashes with the police force. The data of the surveillance of the moveAments of forces was extracted from safe city cameras record as the report also disclosed the details of attacks on army installations across the province besides the data of miscreants involved in the May 9 violent attacks. According to the police report available with this newsApaper, the protestors started to accumuAlate at Liberty Square at 3:00 PM while the Lahore police's immediate response arrived at that place around 3.07 pm.

In view of the deteriorating situation, from 03:02 PM to 03:51 PM, the police personnel from the police line continAued to be dispatched towards the area of conflict. At 03:50 PM ,a water cannon vehicle was sent from the police line to disperse the protesters. At 4:00 PM, the triggered agitators started to march toAwards Corps Commander House and at 4:16 PM the protestors passed by Hafiz Center. Around 4:30 PM, police continAgent were dispatched towards Lahore Cantt, and in the meanwhile, the police correspondingly remained engaged with protestors between 4:30 to 5PM outside Imran Khan's residence and with lawyers on The Mall to disperse them. At 4:49 PM, the miscreants stopped the train at Sherpao bridge which separates the civil and cantonment area. The poAlice force remained busy dispersing the angry protesters between 4 PM to 5 PM at various hotspots of the city.

SP Cantt along with 18 officials faced the angry protestors at the Sherpao check post at 5 PM to halt the marchers from proceeding further by using tear gas. The clash between the protests and police led to physical altercation resultAing in seriously injuring SP cantt and other 18 personnel. The report reveals that during advancement by the protesAtors, the army personnel stationed at the Sherpao bridge check post in canAtonment limits left the post presumably to save them from the angry mob. FolAlowing this altercation, a good number of protestors managed to reach Jinnah House Lahore at 5:15 PM. At 5:24 PM, a heavy police contingent was dispatched towards Mian Mir Bridge. At 5:37 CCPO Bilal Siddique Kamyana also reached there.

Amid the violent demonstrations across the city the traffic police had also issued two traffic alerts...

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