Now, PTI 'At Ease' To Push For Early Elections.

ISLAMABAD -- The much-anticipated but watertight decision of the Supreme Court that struck down the election of Hamza SheAhbaz as chief minister Punjab has brought the opposition Pakistan TehAreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in a comfortable position to push the rulAing coalition for early elections.

The decision of the three-member bench headed by Chief JusAtice of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial has not only brought the PTI back into power in Punjab, the country's largest province, just over three months afAter its ouster but has also paved the way for the fresh election-the only solution to end this on-going political instability and chaos.

Though the ruling coalition was already expecting such a deAcision but even then, it is shocking for them, espeAcially for the PML-N who has been not only deAthroned from its powAer-base but also it has limited Prime Minister Shehbaz SharAif's rule to the centre only. The recapture of power in Punjab by PTI would also prove a big blow for the on-going investigations in corAruption cases against its leaders including Farah Gogi, a close friend of Imran Khan's wife. These investigations were being carAried out by the Anti-Corruption EsAtablishment Punjab, which comes under the administrative control of the provincial government.

From the day one since PTI was ousted from power, the opposiAtion party has been demanding the...

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