Nonstop nonsense in Clifton Block 2.

THE inhabitants of area around the Indus Valley School in Clifton Block 2, including Marina Elevation Apartments, are facing serious frustration owing to lack of any response from the relevant authorities to their repeated complaints about the presence of a large number of auto-repair workshops in the vicinity. A purely residential area has been completely commercialised, making even a simple walk on the street - day or night - difficult, if not impossible.

These workshops remain functional almost 16 hours a day and carry out all kinds of mechanical work that involves oil, grease, diesel, petrol and any other thing one can imagine. Add to it the denting and painting shops that deal with spray paints mixed with chemicals after they are done with gas and electric welding operations.

All these fumes and smells have left the environment seriously polluted, and the people living in the area are paying the cost with their falling health and depleting finances. And, mind you, we have yet not started talking about the noise pollution in the area. It's severe and serious.

The trouble does not end here for the area residents. Just when these workshops begin to wind up their 16-hour day, it is time for the other nuisance in the area to begin its 8-hour operations. Indeed, I am talking about the roadside hotels and eateries in the area that remain functional till late in the...

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