Non registered HGOs, sub agents warned stern action of Hajj booking.

ISLAMABAD -- Non registered Hajj Group Organisers and their sub agents must not book private Hujjaj in the name of cheap Hajj packages, as they were not authorised to do so, said an official of Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony.

Talking to reporter, the official warned stern action including Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) if non enlisted HGO conduct booking of Hajis.

He asked Private Hujjaj to confirm registration of (HGO) before inking agreement with it. A private Haji should pay his Hajj dues to his respective HGO through pay order and get receipt of payment.The ministry has approved four categories of private Hajj packages ranging from Rs 500,000 to Rs 1.4 million (excluding sacrifice) in consultation with Hajj Organiser Association of Pakistan (HOAP) for Hajj 2019.

The package A was from Rs 632,000 to Rs 1.410 million. The package includes accommodation to four persons. The B category package will be from Rs 548,000 to Rs 1.31 million per Haji. Category C will be from Rs 531,000 to 541,000 and Category D package was from Rs 500,000 to 800,000. Package D provides residence from 1201 to 1600 meters at Makkah and 600 to 900 meters residence at Madina and residence to accommodate six people.

The most of the packages offer 250 meters residence near Haram Sharif and Masjid e Nabvi, while package B residence will be 150 meters from Madina Munawwara.

The maximum package provides the facility of double bed, few meters residence from Haram Pak, Makkah and Madina, nearest residences at Jamrat bridge, Mina, Arafat and Mazdulfa.

Hujjaj can check the enlistment of their respective HGO by just sending enrolment no of that particular HGO to 8331. Through this SMS a Haji could know the details about HGO including the name of its CEO, registration, quota details.

Hajj Group Organisers (HGOs) will have to provide facilities to intending pilgrims as per agreement. Strict action will be taken in case of violation of agreement.

Government Scheme Hujjaj would be provided double dish meal thrice a day in Azazia,Mina and Arafat. Immigration of 90 percent Hujjaj would be conducted in Pakistan including atKarachi and Lahore.Additional quota of 5,000 would be distributed on merit.Notification of 16,000 additional quota yet to receive.The balloting would be conducted afresh for selecting 9,600 more Government Hajj Scheme pilgrims.

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