No operation against HDT workers under way.

GWADAR -- The Makran division commissioner has denied that any operation had been carried out against supporters and leaders of Haq Do Tehreek to take any kind of 'revenge', asserting that action was taken to reopen the port and highways which had been blocked by protesters for several days.

Speaking at a press conference along with Gwadar Deputy Commissioner Ezzat Nazir and senior police officials, Commissioner Syed Faisal Ahmed Agha said the action was taken to open all routes as due to HDT sit-in, Gwadar port was closed, with foreigners, customs offices and even navy installations besieged.

The commissioner explained that the local administration had tried to convince the HDT protesters to clear the roads but they refused. As there was no other option left, action had to be taken, he added.

He said some HDT leaders went into hiding while some others surrendered. All legal efforts were earlier made to resolve the issue through negotiation to avoid any action and use of force, but the HDT leaders and other people were not ready to listen and were insisting to block the port and other routes to besiege the port city, the officer added.

Police action aimed at reopening roads to Gwadar port, official says

A delegation, headed by the home minister, too visited the protesters to...

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