No need to do more, says ex-envoy to US.

Byline: Salman Siddiqui

ISLAMABAD -- Superpowers like the United States of America (USA), Russia and China are working on plans to increase their influence in the changing global order. In the greater game, Pakistan is advised to strengthen diplomatic relations with everyone and focus more on rebuilding economy which has emerged as a new weapon to win wars around the world.

'US would not give up its supremacy in the world...Russia and China are working on plans to increase influence. In this game, we (Pakistan) should not be on the wrong side of this [development],' former Ambassador to United States and China Riaz Khokhar said at Pakistan Army Conference on 'In Pursuit of Peace' held at IDEAS 2018 on Wednesday.

Khokhar while addressing the conference reminded the US has continued to fight war in Afghanistan for the last 17 years and blamed Pakistan for its failure. 'Peace in Afghanistan means peace for Pakistan...we have paid a price in the war on terror that no one else has paid,' he said.

Pakistan has already played a significant role in holding talks between US and Taliban. 'Our responsibility ends here. No need to do no more,' he said, adding however US is indeed a superpower and Pakistan has no option but to maintain working relationship with it.

On the other hand, Pakistan has gradually developed stronger relationship with Russia over a period of time. 'But there are limits to it,' he said adding Islamabad has also forged a solid relationship with China under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) but, 'We should not take China for granted,' he added.

Meanwhile, former Ambassador to US Najmuddin A Shaikh said China and Japan have emerged as world powers on the basis of economic supremacy.

'Today, the world is economy, Belt Road Initiative (BRI), CPEC and ASEAN...Pakistan needs to rebuild economy. Value lies in trading partners,' he said.

Moreover, National Defence University President Lieutenant General Majid Ehsan said Pakistan has lost thousands of lives and spent $108.3 billion in global war on terror. This in turn has given huge losses in political, social, economic and military terms.

'India remains No 1 enemy'

'India has remained number one enemy of Pakistan,' said Khokhar, who has also served as Pakistan's High Commissioner to India adding establishment of the Kartarpur corridor between Pakistan and India is a good initiative towards building peaceful relationship.

The regions, however, cannot achieve long lasting peace...

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