No forcible land acquisition for projects: Ruda.

LAHORE -- The Ravi Urban Development Authority (Ruda) says no land would be taken by force for the Ravi Industrial Zone or other upcoming parts of the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project. However, it issues a warning that anyone interfering with the project's already acquired land or state property that is located within a riverbank may face legal repercussions.

'The compensation package for each acre other than that falling within the riverbed is a 15-marla developed plot and Rs1.5 million,' an official at a public hearing on the Environment Impact Assessment of the Ravi Industrial Zone, quoted a Ruda official as having said.

'Similarly, compensation for the riverbed land, which is state land, has also been prepared as a seven-marla developed plot and Rs200,000.'

The Ruda official said the authority would negotiate with those who had objections to the compensation package and would offer them a partnership model.

'If someone resists, Ruda would not acquire such land,' he said.

During the hearing, the business community admired the government for planning a state-of-the-art industrial zone of around 1,200 acres adjacent to the existing zone. 'The entire business community is relieved that someone has begun not only regulating our industry but also rehabilitating the existing industrial zone through the construction of roads and the provision of other facilities,' Mian Kamran, an office bearer of the Ravi Industry Association, told Dawn.

'Foundation of the zone's main gate has already been made,' he added.

Participants discussed various issues pertaining to the environment, green...

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