Niaz Malik talks about human evolution, progress of marketing.


Lahore -- The Marketing Association of Pakistan - Lahore Chapter was held on last night at Cultural Hall, PC Hotel. Niaz Malik, the guest speaker, delivered a talk on the 'Human Evolution and the Progress of Marketing - Past, and Future'.The whole session was full of energy, vibration and also provided a very clear perspective to the participants involved and left greater energy in the minds of the audience to conquer greater frontiers with regards to productivity, growth and enhancing the marketing angle of their respective organizations.

The talk encircled around the great achievements the market has made since the dawn of human existence where Niaz Malik elaborated in terms of how all these years have remained volatile where the marketing community continued to remain steadfast and clear-headed in terms of ensuring that the complete market dynamics were utilized to push forward the human frontiers.

The discussion highlighted the current state of affairs along with different trends that are emerging in the market place. Niaz Malik enlightened the audience on how these trends can be used to move their brands and organizations forward by strategically positioning their companies for greater growth. According to Mr. Malik, there are great opportunities that arise from the Asian markets and the marketers could avail these opportunities to gain further momentum.


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