News stories about pressurizing ex-ambassador to United States Dr. Asad Majeed Khan are baseless: FO Spokesperson.

ISLAMABAD -- Foreign Office Spokesperson Asim Iftikhar Ahmad says the categorical statements from the National Security Committee (NSC) have ruled out any foreign conspiracy behind the change of government in Pakistan and all speculations in this regard should be put to rest. He said that the news stories about pressurizing former ambassador to the United States Dr. Asad Majeed Khan are baseless. He said that the news stories about hiding the diplomatic cable for many days are also baseless. He said that the news stories for hiding the diplomatic cable are baseless, adding that the telegram reached Foreign Office and it was handed over to the concerned officials according to law. FO Spokesperson said that Dr. Asad Majeed Khan himself briefed the NSC and no inquiry was conducted from him. He said that Asad Majeed Khan will assume responsibilities as new ambassador of Pakistan to Belgium, adding that Asad Majeed Khan has reached Brussels for new assignment.

He was responding to various questions during his news briefing in Islamabad on Monday. He said two consecutive meetings of the NSC have concluded that there was no foreign conspiracy and their conclusion was based on assessments from all stakeholders. He said we should now get back to conducting diplomacy and concentrating on our important relations in the best interest of Pakistan.

He said our core focus should be improving our...

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